Sage ACT!the worlds leading contact manager

ACT! is the best-selling contact management solution in the world. It is a powerful package that helps you manage your time, contacts and business by keeping all your key contact information in one accessible place. Now available for all PC and mobile platforms it also integrates fully with Sage accounting systems to provide a complete CRM solution.

Share your database of contacts

Create a central database of all your contacts, leads and customers and share that data across the whole company. Everyone has access to the latest information, no more little black books or local spreadsheets.

Never forget anything or anybody

Find your contact using the fast, efficient lookup tools in ACT!. Share calendars and task list so everyone in the team can see what needs to be done and when!

Target new Prospects

You can use ACT! to analyse sales performance and trends, understand the profile of your best customers and, using this information, plan effective marketing and sales campaigns. Quickly build groups of your customers and prospects to maintain a view on your key contacts.

Generate Business Leads

ACT! is a comprehensive tool for marketing, you can quickly and easily import data for direct mailshots, faxshots and e-mail communications then mail-merge your sales message to these contacts within a few mouse clicks..

Convert Leads to Sales

Use Act's built-in sales process system or design your own to track all communication with the prospect, ensure maximum service levels are maintained throughout the sales cycle and close business quickly and efficiently. Produce a detailed sales forecast in seconds to see your future slaes position quickly and clearly.

Improve Customer Relations

ACT! automatically tracks all communication with your customers, including e-mails, meeting notes, phone calls and letters. Combining this history with the shared calendars and task lists helps you respond more quickly and accurately to customer queries, complaints and orders.

Outlook Integration

ACT! integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook to allow you to log inbound and outbound emails into your contact records.

Effective Reporting

ACT! includes a suite of clear reports to help you analyze data and manage sales forecasts and customer relations. In addition reports can be generated directly to Excel to make your data analysis even easier.

Line 50 Integration

ACT! also integrates fully with Sage 50 to give you access to yuour customers financial data whislt within ACT!.

Access Anywhere

ACT! is available in multiple versions to ensure that your users have access to their key data wherever they are. Work with ACT! on a laptop, on the web on your PDA - never miss an important update. (more...)