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Eiger Group is a specialist in the selection, design and implementation of integrated customer relationship systems. We help you select the right system for your needs from a selection of market-leading products from manufacturers such as Sage, Microsoft, IBM and Frontrange.

CRM, when fully implemented, is a mixture of software, technology and business process whose core aim is to help your business derive the most benefit from its customer relationships. When fully adopted a CRM system can:

  • Increase the rate of generation of leads
  • Improve the efficiency of your sales team and the closure rate of deals
  • Enhance customer loyalty by improving customer service
  • Increase efficiency, reduce cost and improve margin across the business

A fully implemented CRM system will bring together the core functions within the company (sales, marketing, customer service and finance) by creating a backbone of information on customers that is available to all users, all of the time, regardless of their physical location. By giving everyone the opportunity to work as a team, the CRM system will improve the efficiency of the company, increase the loyalty of existing customers and make it that much easier to identify and chase new business. To understand how this can work please read our section on What CRM can do for my company?

Of course, technology plays a part in the overall mix of a CRM solution but in the modern market-place there are solutions whose scope and pricing is suited to any size of business - CRM is definitely not the preserve of the rich and famous.

Eiger Group has been helping clients design and implement CRM solutions for over a decade. We work with a range of market-leading vendors such as Sage, Microsoft and Frontrange and our aim is to help you select the best solution for your company and your budget and to help you install and run the system with the minimum of fuss and the maximum impact.


Sage CRM v7
Sage CRM version 7 is here and has some great features such as the interactive dashboard..