Microsoft Dynamics CRMMeets your business needs

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides an intuitive interface which sits comfortably within applications your employees will probably already be familiar with. Sales and service representatives can work from within Microsoft Outlook to access comprehensive customer or incident histories, view product and sales literature, track customer related tasks and appointments, and manage contacts.

And since Microsoft Dynamics CRM works seamlessly with Outlook, your employees can manage customer interactions quickly and efficiently. A Microsoft Dynamics CRM user can take a received email from a prospect, promote the email to a customer record, and use pre-configured workflow rules to schedule future interactions with this prospect - all without ever leaving the Outlook interface.

Help increase sales-force capability

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sales helps your sales people manage leads and opportunities, measure and forecast sales activity, track customer communications efficiently and automate key stages in the sales process. This inevitably produces a shorter cycle, higher close rates and improved customer retention.


Headquarters allows managers at the head office of a multi-store business or chain to gather data from all their stores so they can have a complete view of their business.

Improve customer-service capabilities

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customer Service helps your business increase its capacity to handle requests - without increasing your employee count - and helps your service representatives provide customers with the consistent, efficient service they expect.