Goldmine by FrontRangeCustomer Management & Sales Force Automation

Goldmine Business Contact Manager is a team-based, contact management and sales force automation tool which takes companies far beyond the traditional personal information tools. It is easy to install and configure and can be deployed quickly and at a sensible cost to small and medium sized businesses.

Goldmine helps you and your team:

  • Manage customer details and history
  • Share calendars and task information
  • Improve customer support & retention
  • Reduce sales lead times
  • Record and track sales forecasts & quotas
  • Analyse individual performance against target
  • Automate mailshots, fax and email campaigns
  • Manage complex projects and opportunities
  • Manage document templates and versions
  • Synchronise data to handheld devices
  • Synchronise data to remote computers

The product is scalable from a single user with small numbers of contacts to large organisations with multiple networked PC's and many thousands of contacts. It can also allow you to link data from remote offices and sales people thus ensuring that all your staff are making decisions based on the latest and highest quality information. Further details..