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Moving data between two systems can be a frustrating and time-consuming process, especially when the target system is your main accounting system. For companies with a need to import transactions on a regular basis this process can consume valuable time better spent elsewhere.


Sagelink has been designed to simplify that process. To see Sagelink in action, book a demonstration.


With Sagelink you can map data from your regular imports to Sage accounts fields so that the weekly upload becomes a matter of a few mouse clicks. Sagelink can extract data from a variety of file formats (including csv, Excel, XML, SQL, ODBC), shopping carts and third-party applications.


Sagelink has a reusable mapping system, saving you hours of configuration  every month. Whether you need to import quotes, orders from a web shopping cart or completed transactions from a third-party billing system, Sagelink can be configured to collect the source data, validate the contents and use the map the output to your Sage system time and time again.


Where new records are required these can be created ”on-the-fly” as part of the import process, saving you the time of manually creating sales, purchase and stock item records.


Sagelink helps you protect the integrity of the accounting data by allowing you to preview and check your imported data prior to posting to your accounting system. Mismatched data is clearly marked to ensure that the final imported data complies with your structure without affecting the integrity of the Sage data.

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