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Sage 200 consultants for over 20 years.



Eiger Group is a leading supplier of integrated Sage 200 business solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. Our aim is to harness market-leading technology from suppliers such as Sage, Microsoft and IBM, in order to provide and support business solutions that meet the scale and complexity of your company's needs, in the critical areas of your business - such as Accounting, Order Processing, E-commerce and CRM. We specialize in tailoring Sage 200 to suit our client's unique processes.

Whether the market is growing or shrinking, modern companies need to be able to identify and react to changing circumstances quickly and efficiently and one of the key pillars of that capability is the business software that is driving the business.


Every business is different. Our priority is finding a solution to suit your individual requirements, no matter how straightforward or complex. We work closely with you throughout the process to ensure our recommendation will help your business succeed.




Eiger Group believe in building close, long term relationships with our customers and partners. We work with a wide range of industries and will adapt to meet your needs, whatever the size or culture of your company. Our customers appreciate our flexibility, and we have worked with some customers for over 20 years!


Our dedicated team has been building and supporting Sage packages for over 20 years. Eiger Group have helped hundreds of customers to overcome countless challenges and acquired leading expertise along the way. We use our in-depth knowledge of Sage software to fully utilise and expand your product, making it work harder for you.

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