Every business changes.  Over time these changes can lead to a point where your system no longer suits your needs.  Eiger has 15 years of experience in helping companies embrace that change by improving your systems to ensure they meet your current requirements.  In some cases this may involve simple changes to your existing system,  but sometimes increased demand means our customers outgrow their existing systems and need to move on.


Eiger will assist you throughout this process by helping you identify how a change will benefit the organisation and then working with you to manage the change, the training and the roll-out of the new package. Our priority is finding a solution to suit your individual requirements, no matter how straightforward or complex. We work closely with you throughout the process to ensure our recommendation will help your business succeed.

Upgrading your systems can be an immense challenge with far reaching impact on your business. We have experience managing the complete overhaul of complex systems for customers with highly individual requirements, and have collaborated in these projects to integrate with numerous other solution providers such as optimisation systems and web based CRM software. 

If you are considering upgrading, call us for a free initial consultation to find out how we can help your growing business.

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