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Eiger Group have been providing a broad range of Sage services for over 15 years. We have expert knowledge of the capabilities of the Sage software we support and our experienced consultants and support team can help you to maximise the potential of your Sage package. 

We take pride in delivering the right solution. This means we are not afraid to discuss the downsides of any proposal, and our customers trust us to advise whether changes will genuinely help their business. Our priority is to create a system which works for you, and our in depth approach to Project Management allows us to achieve this with every project.

We use an in depth scoping process with every customer to ensure that the systems we design meet their business needs. This begins with a detailed consultation about your current system and how it impacts different areas of the business, including case studies to examine the requirements of each department involved. Our accounting specialists will ensure that your reporting requirements are met and that any customisation will not hinder you from meeting annual filing requirements. 

We understand that your business still needs to function whilst changes are taking place. Our consultation process examines the effect of the changes on your business and seeks to minimise any required downtime. We provide a detailed and realistic implementation plan to suit the needs of your business and any collaborating parties and ensure that each stage is completed on schedule. We remain in close contact throughout the management process and keep you informed of the progress and requirements at each stage. 

When a specification is agreed, our experienced team of Sage 200 developers will implement the new system design. We understand that requirements can evolve during the design stage, so we use an ongoing feedback process throughout development that allows you to take an active role in testing your system and identifying required changes. 

Once the system is launched we provide training and stay in close contact to support your users in adapting to the changes and troubleshooting any problems that occur. When your users are confident in using the improved system we will continue to provide exceptional support whenever required. ​



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We provide a free initial consultation. Contact us by phone, email or our contact form.

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