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SAGE 200

Compare Sage 200 Standard and Professional

SAGE 200 Feature Comparison

Sage 200 is available as either a native cloud application - Sage 200 Standard - or as an on-premise, cloud-connected application - Sage 200 Professional. Both are built on the same powerful, flexible Sage 200 core with the same range of basic features  in a familiar interface.  


Sage 200 Standard is typically aimed at smaller companies with lower volume and  less complex requirements.  Sage 200 Professional is the premium variant based on the Sage 200 Standard set of features but with additional modules,features and capabilities.   Companies growing in volume and complexity can migrate from Standard to Professional via straightforward processes.

Sage 200 Standard

  • Cloud application only

  • Medium volume data

  • Full accounts modules

  • Fixed trading/reporting periods

  • Simple multi-currency controls

  • Simple stock management

  • Simple Bills of Materials

  • Invoicing & purchase ordering

  • Business intelligence not included

  • Project accounting not included

  • CRM (needs add-on)

  • API access available

  • Small range of add-ons

  • Not customisable

  • Some Sage 200 features restricted

  • Bank feeds

  • MTD compliant

  • Cannot archive transactions

Sage 200 Professional

  • On cloud or on premise

  • Unlimited. High volume data

  • Full accounts modules

  • Flexible trading/reporting periods

  • Advanced multi-currency controls

  • Complex, multi-location stock management

  • Complex multi-tier Bills of Materials

  • Advanced invoicing & purchase ordering

  • Business intelligence included

  • Project accounting included

  • CRM (needs add-on)

  • API access available

  • Extensive range of add-ons

  • Fully  customisable

  • All Sage 200 features enabled

  • Bank Feeds

  • MTD Compliant

  • Online transaction archive


Sage 200 extra brings your accounts ,billing,  payments, stock management, supply chain, CRM and business intelligence into a single business-wide platform to give you visibility and control of your entire business.


Make informed business decisions by analysing real-time financial and operational performance using powerful reporting tools.


Offer outstanding customer support. Know your customers and their needs by giving your teams real time access to a 360 degree of each customers' activity.


Automated work-flows that connect all parts of your business help the business to run more smoothly and efficiently, helping you to minimise unnecessary expenditure.


Use the performance of your key customers and products to develop effective sales and marketing strategies and increase sales potential.


Make Sage 200 work for you! We can customise Sage 200 at any level in order to optimally support your changing business needs. Click here to learn about customisation.

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